Isac was born in Gwang-ju, South Korea. After university he moved to Tokyo to started photo assisting before launching his own career with SIGNO management. His fashion, portrait and beautywork has been commissioned by numerous editorial and commercial clients. Isac currently lives in Tokyo with his wife, Marie Higuchi(tron management) who work as professional fashion stylist.


Numero Japan, Elle girl, WWD Japan, 装苑, Nylon Japan, otonaMUSE, ViVi, SWEET, Seventeen, non-no, MORE, SWEET, steady., mini, with, MERY, CLASSY., JJ, VERY, STORY, Barfout!, spoon.2Di, FREECELL, GENIC, MAPS MAGAZINE, 月刊BOB, TOKYO FASHION EDGE, Hair Mode, SNIP STYLE, violetta, Happie nuts, JELLY, Ranzuki, JESSICA, MARUNOUCHI PAPER, Titty&Co., JET NY, AMETSUBI, OHNO YOHEI, NAIFE, TAAKK, N_DRESS, RYURYU, Rady, Alpen, Poolside, Ranan, Samansa Mos2 Lagom, RECRUIT, MiiA, Maison de FLEUR, NHN PlayArt / XFLAG™ STUDIO

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